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The Mill Birds   -   2008
Mar 2008
Another pair of Kestrels have been using the mill 'holes' for roosting and we hope they will nest there. There has been no Jackdaw activity, and it is still a little early for the tree sparrows.  Watch this space.

May 2008 update. The female kestrel is now sitting on her eggs and the male is visiting with food. She is currently screened off from the webcam and we plan to leave her until early June before we remove the screen. The young should hatch around the end of June
I said previously that the tree sparrows haven't nested in the mill wall this year, although we do have three other pairs nesting elsewhere on the site. I was wrong, the young must have hatched and there is now a lot of activity around the nesting hole.
Swallows arrived on 21st March, 2 days earlier than normal, and a pair are well advanced with nesting in the mill entrance.

May 22  -  4 eggs in the Kestrel nest

   Hoopoe - unusual local visitor
Kestrels first nested at the Mill in 2005 when the female laid five eggs, all of which hatched and later flew.
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