Gleaston  -    Nr Ulverston,
Cumbria   -   LA12 0QH
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 tea & coffee shop

The light blue represents the flow of the beck  from Urswick Tarn which provides the mill with water during the winter.
The dark blue represents the man made water courses (leats) which take water to the mill. 
Road to Scales Village, Baycliff, Birkrigg Common and Ulverston
Did you know?
The mill site was established in the 14th , and re-built in the17th Century.
The web site was established in 1995
Water to power the mill during the summer months is
A shallow glacial lake filled this valley at the end of the ice age, and many Mesolithic and Medieval artefacts have been discovered during the on-going archaeological excavations which have been underway since 1993.
 provided by two springs and a very interesting water course. Water is
 taken north from spring 1 (opposite to the natural direction of flow!), and with water from spring 2, passes through an underground culvert following the contour to the weir.
 No, water does not flow uphill!
Did you know?
 A stream or river is known locally as a 'Beck.'
Lile Cottage
Self catering for 2
"The Poshest Pig Sty in Cumbria" 
Customer parking is  free and easy -  Clean loos with disabled access
Beekeeping in Cumbria - Furness Beekeepers Link
Pig's Whisper
 Our country store with a
  'piggy' focus.
 If you like pigs, you'll love this.
Explore the facilities by clicking a picture or a button, 
or scroll north to see the watercourse, archaeology and Gleaston Castle,
 .....have fun.
Road to Gleaston Village, Leece and Barrow


Gleaston water mill site in cumbria - compass picture